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Tracking- following a human odor, sometimes with the addition of following animal or human tracks guided by the handler. Tracking involves trekking across soft surfaces (I.E., Dirt). Hard surfaces like concrete don’t absorb human odor as efficiently. 
Trailing- following a scent in the air or on the ground. Trailing is more advanced and has given the canine more freedom to track an odor through the air or ground. This leeway provides the dog the independence to process a scent’s movement when it changes based on the wind. This course helps you and your canine to learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses to prepare you for combining tracking and trailing. 

At Saber Working Dogs, we will teach you how to work with your canine to track and follow a human odor on soft and hard surfaces. Our trainers will help you and your dog build a strong relationship while learning to trust each other’s instincts. It’s important to know that the human odor and how dogs detect it are affected by various environmental conditions. We strive to coach on how to adapt and compensate for different scenarios. 

Why we don't do Board and Train

We at Saber Working Dogs want you and your canine to build a strong relationship. We strive to teach you the skills to train your dog and understand the dog's various behaviors. Allowing you to train with your canine gives you the opportunity to gain the necessary tools to problem-solve situations if they occur.