Gunner a Personal Protection Dog


Feedback From our Clients

T. Review a Client Image that show a dog that goes along of their review.
T. Jordan

K9 Elektra and Gunner Personal Protection Dog

"As a professional K9 Handler, the performance and dependability of my dog is not only desired, but essential to our job! When seeking out training I have trained with several trainers, and none have come close to the knowledge and skill that Shane with Saber Working Dogs has proven to me. His ability to read even the smallest behavior in my dog, then apply that to our training is amazing! Shane's more than 20 years' experience as a K9 handler, trainer, and instructor really shows in the quality of his training program. His passion and commitment to each dog's growth cannot be matched from my experience.
From obedience and environmental conditioning to advanced disciplines including odor detection, personal protection, patrol work and tracking every aspect of Saber Working Dogs training plans are top notch. I highly recommend them!"

A. Hamilton a Client Image with a dog for their review.
A. Hamilton


"Shane is very professional, and is also very personable. He cared about learning about me as a person just as much as he cared about learning about my dogs and how they behaved. I was nervous going into training because one of my dogs is reactive. He bonds well with my other dog, but doesn't necessarily like other dogs. When Shane talked me through training both of them, I felt honestly like a new person. I was more relaxed and comfortable when I would take them out for walks and even when other people would come over and see them. He gave me the tools I needed for my dogs to be successful and I will forever be grateful for that. Almost 3 years later and we still use those tools and I implement the training with them that Shane taught me. When the time comes, I will also be able to utilize the training into future dogs that my fiancé and I will get."

Trigger a Belgian Malinois
K. Payne

Trigger- Belgian Malinois
Personal Protection Dog

"Our little family was blessed to receive Trigger from Shane in December of 2020. Since my husband worked the night shift at the time and we were in the middle of the COVID pandemic, it was important to us that I have a best friend to spend my time with who helped me feel protected at home. My husband’s dream dog has always been a Belgian Malinois, especially after working with them throughout his time in the military and law enforcement career. I had little to no experience with larger hyperactive dogs, so I was hesitant to take on the challenge, but Shane was sure to meet with us first, made sure we were a good fit together, and taught me simple commands to keep Trigger controlled and make sure we were comfortable together. We are so blessed to have this sweet boy in our lives and he was the perfect addition to our family. I have no doubt we’ll be looking to Shane again when we’re ready to add another furry family member."

Image of K9 Cupa
J. Padier

K9 Cupa

"I first met Shane in 2016, he was a member of an interview board, interviewing me as a potential K9 handler. Immediately I could tell Shane was the real deal when it came to dogs. He displayed a knowledge of dogs that was second to none. After being selected as the handler for my agency I began weekly training with Shane and his training group that he led. I have worked with multiple trainers throughout my tenure as a handler and have not found another trainer that I would trust more with my dog. I highly recommend Shane and his k9 training services."

A. Fitz


"Look no further than Shane if you're in search of a K9 trainer. Back in 2014, I started working with Shane when I got my first personal protection dog. Shane's expertise and experience are unparalleled, making him the perfect guide to help you and your dog achieve your goals. I have complete faith in Shane and his training abilities, and I wouldn't recommend anyone else to fulfill your training requirements. Thanks to Shane's guidance, my knowledge, confidence, understanding, and handling skills with my high-drive protection dog have flourished. Moreover, my dog has shown remarkable improvement since I first brought her home. I can't stress it enough, but Shane should be the go-to person for any dog training need or goal you may have."

Image of K9 Maya Image
T. Cole

K9 Maya

"I have known Shane and been training with Shane for a little over 5 years. My first dog, Maya, was a single-purpose (narcotics, tracking & article search) female Mal, was imported from Mexico and trained by Shane. She won top dog in her handler course in 2019 hosted by OBN while currently employed with a small Sheriffs Office in OK. When I got Maya I was her 5th handler which came with tons of problems having been rotated through many previous handlers but Shane put in the work and gave me the tools to get her back on track. In February of 2023, I changed departments and was once again given a dog, a male Mal dual purpose (patrol narcotics) who was taken from another handler (this time only one previous). He had some small issues mainly trust and confidence but once again Shane stepped up and helped, taking time to add to the toolbox he had already helped file when I had Maya. Shane is top-notch and not only is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to training and problem-shocking working dogs but also cares about the dogs themselves. No one I would more highly recommend."

A. Bush


"Shane is top-notch in reading dogs and his training is based on a solid foundation.  We would definitely recommend Saber Working Dogs for first-time dog owners and seasoned owners starting a new puppy.  Shane’s teaching style engages both the dog and client, and we will be returning when we start a new dog!"

Pat Review Image

Stryker and Zeus

"I started my Police K9 career in 2017 and was fortunate enough to have Shane Menz instruct my K9handler school. Shane always had a way of explaining and demonstrating things to make it easy for me to understand. He was patient but always pushed me to be better and to bring out the best in me as a handler. One of the greatest lessons Shane taught me about being a K9 handler was to always put the dog first and create an unbreakable bond. I can’t tell you enough how important that was for me to be successful. Shane never got tired of all the questions or scenarios I would run by him but would never give me an outright answer. He would make me figure it out on my own as we talked through the problem which made me an even better handler. Shane always had an explanation on how or why I messed something up so that it was clear to me and I could fix it. I never felt belittled or criticized. I still train with Shane to this day with my current Police dogs when I can because of his ability to see things others can’t. I would not be where I am today if it had not been for Shane! Fantastic trainer and instructor!"

G. Young Review
G. Young


"I started to work with Shane in 2017. I came from a confirmation and rally/obedience background. I had no idea what I was missing before I started to work with Shane. He taught me how to better communicate and built confidence in myself and my dog. I become a better handler and dog owner through working with him. He has helped me build a better relationship with my dogs. Iva is my first dog that I brought to Shane and we were able to finish multiple rally titles and confirmation titles through the work we put in with Shane. I highly recommend his training. Now we are on to the next with my puppy! I can’t wait for our new adventures. Thank you so much for the work that you have put in me and my dogs!

Meagan Review Image of Lucy


"Shane was such a blessing! Teaching our family easy, step-by-step ways for Lucy to have a happier, calmer, and more behaved life! Using his processes, we saw quick, sometimes instant results. With practice and reinforcement, Lucy has been such a wonderful dog since Shane came into our lives! We loved each session of training & easily carried over the methods to keep Lucy a well behaved pup since."

H. Bateman Image of Scarlet
H. Bateman

K9 Scarlet

"Shane got me started with K-9, he donated my first working dog in 2017 and taught my handler school. He always encouraged me to ask questions. He challenged the training group to different scenarios to make us better handlers. Today, 6 years later, Shane is always a phone call away and helps whenever he can! I’ve been to another handler school and I can definitely say Shane is hands down the best instructor I’ve ever had."

W. Deering image of canine Ivar
W. Deering


"I first met Shane Menz in 2013 when I had questions about getting a working dog.  He answered all my questions and invited me to attend his training sessions.  I trained with him from 2014 to 2020 learning everything I know today about working dogs."


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