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Scent Detection

Scent Detection is a skill that allows your dog to use their natural hunting instincts in a fun and safe environment. At Saber Working Dogs, we train you and your dog for sports competitions where we teach detection on a variety of odors (ASCA). We help dogs learn how to find target odors in various locations. This training helps create a bond between you and your canine while learning to trust each other’s instincts. Scent Detection increases a dog’s confidence in the use of their nose, giving them physical and mental exercise. We evaluate you and your canine on a case-by-case basis for scent detection training.

Why we don't do Board and Train

We at Saber Working Dogs want you and your canine to build a strong relationship. We strive to teach you the skills to train your dog and understand the dog's various behaviors. Allowing you to train with your canine gives you the opportunity to gain the necessary tools to problem-solve situations if they occur.