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Why You Need a Personal Protection Dog

Personal protection dogs are highly trained canines that are hand selected and trained to your specific needs. They are always on alert and will add an unparalleled level of defense. Studies have shown that a dog that barks on command will alert you to suspicious activities. The dog will be an excellent deterrent to anyone with bad intentions. Your dog will be trained to the highest standards of practical obedience, learn to be social, and demonstrate loyalty to you and your family at home or your place of business.

In today’s times, with manpower shortages in police departments across the country and increased violent crimes, police response times naturally increase. A properly trained dog will protect you and your family 24/7. Alarm companies and surveillance cameras can fail or be disabled, leaving you or your family vulnerable. Our dogs can alert you to possible danger through their hearing and exceptional sense of smell, affording you time to get to safety, so you can contact the proper authorities for assistance.

As witnessed repeatedly as a Police K9 Officer/Instructor, the dog’s mere presence served as a defining deterrent to hardened criminals with ill intentions. More times than we could count, criminals stated they would rather be shot than bitten by a dog.

This shows that a properly trained dog can stop an immediate threat or prevent one by its presence.

The Saber Working Dogs Advantage

Saber Working Dogs only offers protection dogs that are custom ordered, imported, and trained for your needs. You will not have to settle for dogs sitting in a kennel to choose from.

At Saber, we strive to help you find an intelligent and friendly canine that is perfect for your specific needs. When we import your customized dog from Europe or acquire a dog from the United States, most are between 12 to 17 months old. We ensure that your dogs will have all their core vaccines and are in good health to travel. Upon arriving at our home base in North Texas, the canine goes to the veterinarian again to ensure they are in good health to be your personal protection dog. Every personal protection dog will be trained in obedience. The canine will stay at our home to ensure obedience and manners are up to par with our standards. Once the dog has met your specifications and our standards and training are completed, we transport the canine to your home, train you and your family in the lawful uses of the canine, and perform on-site scenario training at home or at your place of business for several days.
Your canine will be supplied with the following equipment: collars, a six-foot leash, a working muzzle, and a travel crate.

Kid Safe

We believe all dogs should be family-friendly. Our dogs are trained to be around other adults, children, animals, and other family pets. Our dogs are trained to protect your family and act as a deterrent. If necessary, they will respond to your commands to intervene.

In-Home Training

Every personal protection dog comes with up to one week of training in your home or place of business. We work with you to acquaint your dog with your family and introduce them to various environmental tests such as stores, restaurants, parks, and public playgrounds. We want to ensure that your dog is comfortable and well-adjusted with your family and the world outside and how to provide round-the-clock protection for you and your loved ones.