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Do you already have an amazing dog but want to perfect its obedience training? Our experienced trainers want to make your life easier by helping you train your dog’s obedience. We don’t offer board and train facilities; instead, we provide you with the tools you need to have a well-behaved canine. Our priority is to have your dog graduate from our program with a strong foundation and clear understanding of obedience on and off the leash. We understand that every dog is unique and has different training needs. That’s why we tailor each training session to your dog’s specific requirements.

The basic obedience training includes SIT, DOWN, STAY, going to PLACE, come when called, KENNEL to enter the crate, DROP IT to release items in the dog's mouth, LEAVE IT to not pick up or eat an item, OFF to keep all four paws on the ground. We also include other training to address any certain needs an owner might have regarding their canine's obedience.

Why we don't do Board and Train

We at Saber Working Dogs want you and your canine to build a strong relationship. We strive to teach you the skills to train your dog and understand the dog's various behaviors. Allowing you to train with your canine gives you the opportunity to gain the necessary tools to problem-solve situations if they occur.

Private Lessons

At Saber Working Dogs, we do offer private lessons for an additional fee. Our trainer will work with you and your family to determine the dog's obedience problems, and we can determine a game plan to help your dog understand and follow your every command.